Friday, February 19, 2021

Sony FX6 - 240 FPS Slow Motion Sample Footage

While being snowed-in during the freak winter storm here in San Antonio, TX, I realized the falling snow would make for a perfect time to test Sony's amazing new FX6 Cinema Line camera with its beautiful 240 frames per second slow-motion.

Not being properly dressed or mentally prepared for the extreme cold, I went into my backyard and shot two quick clips before my toes began to freeze. Yes, I was wearing only flip-flops. Don't judge. Needless to say, the Sony FX6 performed flawlessly in the three minutes I was able to withstand being outside in the frigid air. 

The 240 fps in S&Q mode looks beautiful, although the image appears to be a bit softer than other high frame rate modes. Don't get me wrong though, it still looks great. 240 fps is limited to HD only and there is also a very small crop factor.

I used the Sony 28-135mm f/4 kit lens with the iris set wide open. I shot in the S-Cinetone color profile, which is coming to the a7S III soon in a firmware update. Both clips are straight out of the camera without any color or exposure changes in post. 

As you can see in the video, 240 fps can have a surreal dream-like effect and I can foresee many creative uses for it. The Sony FX6 continues to impress me and I can't wait to explore things further. 

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