Thursday, February 18, 2021

S-Cinetone coming to Sony a7S III via Firmware Update

Image Credit: Sony

Welp. People made enough noise about wanting it and the suits over at Sony in Japan listened. Sony's newish color profile, S-Cinetone will indeed be coming to the a7S III mirrorless camera via a firmware update to be released sometime today soon.


This announcement comes after Sony released their flagship mirrorless A1 camera (which includes S-Cinetone), and after several leaked reports of a new FX3 cinema camera (to be officially announced on February 23). 

Image Credit: S-Cinetone Whitepaper

What is S-Cinetone? Sony first released the S-Cinetone look with the FX9. It was well-received and Sony has since made it the standard for the entire Cinema Line, except for the Venice. According to Sony, "S-Cinetone expresses the cinematic look cultivated from the Color Science in VENICE but tailored for the video world."

Image Credit: S-Cinetone Whitepaper

To sum it up, S-Cinetone is a baked in look for quick turn-around or when shooting log might not be the best option. Long-time Sony aficionado, Alister Chapman has a video about S-Cinetone. I highly suggest you check it out if you want to learn more about S-Cinetone.

With the addition of the Sony a7S III to the "S-Cinetone Family," and the yet to be released FX3, Sony now has five cameras in their lineup that can be easily matched using S-Cinetone. The FX6 already uses S-Cinetone as the default look and I expect Sony will make this look the new standard for most of their higher end cameras that have video capabilities. 

The firmware update also adds the ability to use Active Steady Shot stabilization in certain S&Q frame rates.

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